Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Companies & Little Employees

Don't get me wrong; I shop at Walmart almost every day, but the primary reason is convenience. They definitely hit the nail on the head when they opened up in my neighborhood. I’m from Philadelphia and use to living in a big city where I could walk to local corner store, but now I live in Zion, IL and if I try to walk to any store from where I live, I’m liable to get run over, because there are no sidewalks. And if I chose to walk anyway the closest store is……………………………………Yup you guessed it; Walmart. And look, I am all in favor of Capitalism and Democracy; but I can’t stand when companies with huge, no my fault, EMENSE profits pay its’ employees minimum wage. I know it’s not just Walmart that does it, but I know so many people who have worked for them and I hear so many stories of disgruntled employees. If you have a story about Wally World, or if you work in the World of Walmart, let us know your story. Shout out to Phil and the Zion Walmart. You’re a cool dude and your staff is always pleasant.